MOROCCO- Back to the beginning

MOROCCO- Back to the beginning

MOROCCO – Back to the beginning.

After almost 40 years, i had the chance to finally go back to Morocco. As a kid, with my parents we leaved two years in Rabat and it has been a very exciting journey to be back for two weeks, exploring places we pass through a long time ago… I was very small back then and don’t have much memories but i often go through all the black and white pictures my father took with his camera. This time with my own polaroid cameras and in my own ways, i try to capture moments and places that catches my eyes along the road.. This video is a short edit of this journey back to the beginning of my life..

A big love to my grand mother who had shot a lots of Super 8 films in the 70’s and which i could use some of the footage in the beginning of this video. Also a thank you to Julie and Sebastien for helping me with some of the filming… it’s a family story this time!

If you’r curious to see some of the instant photographs i took in this travel, head over to my instagram account..


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