Morocco Fantasy Weekend + Gibraltar (UK) by WLS

Morocco Fantasy Weekend + Gibraltar (UK) by WLS

Morocco Fantasy weekend
Gibralta (UK) + Chefchaouen + Tetuan + Tangier

Your Perfect Moroccan Weekend and our most popular trip! The Morocco Fantasy Weekend is the most unique Morocco trip out there. Not only do you get an unforgettable weekend in Africa with camel rides and Moroccan entertainment, but you save time and money on travel by getting 2 trips in 1 with a visit to the English territory of Gibraltar as well!

Take amazing pictures with the monkeys in Gibraltar, lose yourself in the windy blue streets of Chefchauen, buy some spices at the Berber pharmacies inTetuan, and ride a camel ON the beach!
Plus, ONLY with We Love Spain do you get an unforgettable dinner show with dancers , musicians and more followed by dancing in a club!

Nobody offers a safer, better organized or more complete weekend in Africa!

You can´t miss it!

Full info & Book:–gibraltar.html


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